About us

About us

Leading company in all type of airport services

Multiservicios Aeroportuarios is a company dedicated to dealing with all types of services required in and around airports. It comprises two very important companies : CLECE, S.A. and IAG IBERIA.

With their vast experience and knowledge acquired over time whilst carrying out a comprehensive range of airport-related work, Multiservicios Aeroportuarios, S.A has become one of the country’s leading companies that specialize in providing services in and around airports.

The company is duly Licenced and Authorised by the Spanish Civil Aviation Authority to provide Handling services in categories 1 to 10 at all Spanish Airports.

Mission, Vision and Values

Multiservicios’s mission, vision and values underpin our day-to-day work, and that allow us to become a benchmark of quality that satisfies the expectations of our customers, with the goal of excellence in service. All this maintaining transparency and legal compliance in the management of our activities and services.

  • The efficient and professional management of services which delivers sustainable profitability.
  • Meet the expectations of our customers.


We work:

  • To be sector leaders and a benchmark in the provision of airport services.
  • To use innovation as a market differentiator.
  • To provide interdisciplinary teams capable of responding to users’ needs.
  • Transparency and legal compliance in the management of our activities and services.
  • Commitment to optimizing quality services.
  • Teamwork, professionalism and motivation, which mean that we improve every day.
  • Ensuring the Health and Safety of our workers.
  • Encouraging respect for, and the preservation of, the environment.